Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post Secret- Botany

Adams County's Secret Botany- White Lady's-slipper

There is an edgy little blogspot called Post Secrets, which is extremely popular with the college crowd. It is not for everyone, as its topics often delve into sex, drugs, and general unhappiness. It is a artistic outlet where people post their deepest, darkest secrets- in total anonymity.

Most botanists have some secrets too. Generally not the seamy dark kind, but rather the location of a rarity, too good for general publication. Secrets they whisper amongst themselves- away from the greedy public. It is not that botanists are selfish people, they just love botany so much, they want to protect it. And sadly too many times a rare plant has been dug up to be added to some one's personal collection. As flora-enthusiasts we should all take responsibility for protecting our rare native plants. Do not dig plants from the wild. Purchase them from reputable dealers (considering the junkie-like cravings I get for plants, dealers is the perfect descriptor for plantsmen!)

White Lady's-slipper, Cypripedium candidum, featured in the photo above, was a rarity a very lucky few from Flora-quest got to view. Somewhere on the vast TNC properties in Adams county this lovely golf-ball sized orchid graces the landscape. One of our guides could take you there- but we would have to blind-fold you first...

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