Monday, May 18, 2009

Off on a Lark...

The Oak Openings is one of Ohio's best destinations for excitement, as each trip seems to offer something new or a "first" of one kind or another. To quote a friend, it has more rarities than you can shake a stick at! Lark Sparrow photo by Dave Lewis.

A recent visit to the sand dunes at Gridham Road, along with many fellow OOS members, offered prime Lark Sparrow viewing. I have seen Lark Sparrows on numerous occasions- but I have never SEEN the Lark Sparrows like this! Dave Lewis, fellow OOS friend and blogger captured this fellow with the stunning facial features far better than I was able. It is nice he is willing to share photos with his lesser and lens-challenged friends.

Here's the habitat for those sand loving sparrows- nothing like a big dune blow-out with a blooming crop of Wild Blue Lupines to call home. Don't forget, those lupines are the host plant for Karner Blue butterflies- the butterfly featured in the header of the blog. And that photo too, was taken in the Oak, at Kitty Todd.

Another specialty of the sand dunes, the endangered Dwarf-dandelion, Krigia virginica. My camera is set up is better for these micro-botany shots, and this dainty penny-sized composite makes quite a picture. If this little dandelion would grow in our yards, maybe Chem-lawn would go out of business!

Our visit to the Oaks was filled with many fascinating finds. Endangered birds, butterflies and botany are all part of the regular scene here. If you haven't visited before, make sure you plan a trip this summer- it is just too good to miss!

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