Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warbler Neck Explained

The annual pilgrimage to Magee Marsh is a must for all Ohio birders, even the bad days are fantastic! Where else can you see these brilliantly plumed, cell-phone sized neotropical migrants- up close and personal?

Magnolia Warber photo by Dave Lewis. (Dave is easy- and gives these to me for free! So support his work with a purchase at the upcoming OOS Conference)

Magnolia Warbler is one of the most common- of these anything-but-common wood warblers. I will never tire of looking at these beautiful birds. Just a Maggie? Heck yes, bring them on!

Warbler Neck Explained photo by Cheryl Harner

While visiting the boardwalk at Magee during a "warbler fallout" in 2006, we had the good fortune of an up close and personal look at a stunning Canada Warbler. While others nearby were getting photos of the bird, I realized how cool it was for birders to see a bird so close, we were not even using our binoculars! That was a fantastic day on the boardwalk, indeed.

We may yet have a few good days left for warblering in the coming week. So plan to join OOS in Perrysburg, Ohio for our Saturday afternoon conference speakers, Kenn and Kim Kaufman from BSBO and Jim Berry from RTPI- 2 programs/$10.00 > E mail me for details. And arrange to spend some time on the boardwalk before or after: it is a magical place in May.

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