Thursday, May 7, 2009

Checking our list

Silene caroliniana Walter var. wherryi, Wherry's Catchfly photo by Cheryl

Unusual plants abound in Adams County and in the Shawnee Forest. In fact, there are so many we keep a comprehensive check list of the plants we have seen, or hope to see. It is a bit mind blogging for many of us, but the experts do this every day. Sorting the sedges and rarities call for an expert, and Rick Gardner, our state Heritage Botanist is one of the best!

Rick Gardner and Janet Creamer check the list of species and add a few more.

With a total of 454 plant species, you would think we were covered! But Rick has found some more to add to our future lists. Nothing gets past these two sharp-eyed botanists!

Asplenium rhizophyllum, Walking fern
Cystopteris bulbifera, Bulblet Fern
Ophioglossum engelmannii, Limestone Adder's-tongue
Pellaea atropurpurea, Purple Cliff-brake
Pellaea glabella, Smooth Cliff-brake
Pleopeltis polypodioides, Resurrection Fern

Asclepias verticillata, Whorled Milkweed
Coreopsis major, Forest Tickseed
Cypridedium candidum, White Lady's-slipper
Delphinium exaltatum, Tall Larkspur
Draba cuneifolia, Wedged-leaf Whitlow-grass
Jeffersonia diphylla, Twinleaf
Hybanthus concolor, Green Violet
Leavenworthia uniflora, Leavenworthia
Manfreda virginica, American Aloe
Silene caroliniana var. wherryi, Wherry's Catchfly
Sisyrinchium albidum, Pale Blue-eyed-grass
Sullivantia sullivantii, Sullivantia
Thalictrum revolutum, Skunk Meadow-rue
Trillium flexipes, Drooping Trillium
Trillium nivale, Snow Trillium
Triosteum angustifolium, Lesser Horse-gentian

Carex crawei, Crawe's Sedge
Carex pedunculata, Long-stalked Sedge

Keeping this list is no small effort, but Miss Paula is up to the job. I am sure she will have the updates cranked out in no time at all!

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