Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flora-Quest Finale

Shawnee State Park Lodge May 3, 2009 Click on photo to enlarge

Here's the happy group under the Flora-Quest sign at the Shawnee Lodge this afternoon. Life plants, life birds- and a whole bunch of life people! More fun than ever with fabulous speakers, botanical rarities, and workshops on butterflies, photography and new converts to using a Newcomb's guide. And, plants for everybody, thanks to Marvin!

We were not about to be scared off by a forest fire, and our ever vigilant guides even came up with contingency plans for Sasquatch encounters! We decided to stick close to Jenny (the very pregnant gal in the front row). After all you don't have to outrun Sasquatch, you only have to outrun Jenny!

More fun later, when I have unpacked and caught up on sleep!

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