Sunday, May 17, 2009

OOS 5th Annual Conference- Whirlwind Days

The last three days have FLOWN by- (a little birding conference humor :) - with great friends, good times and amazing birds.

Friday night was the Shade-grown Coffee House promoting conservation and fun. KatDoc and McCormac covered that pretty well, and let me just add- we may be on to a new thing. Folks had a great time enjoying Thompson's "mellow" and the various poems. Any time our crew gets together, we are sure to have fun.

Jim Berry of RTPI and Larry Richardson checking out the warbler action at Magee Marsh.

Saturday Morning on the Magee Boardwalk tuned up to be an awesome day as well. It turned out to be a regular who's who of birds and BIRDERS. Mega-birders, including Jon Dunn, Paul Baicich, Jim Berry and Larry Richardson were also cruising the boardwalk and calling out birds. I cannot say enough about the generous spirit of birders, and their willingness to share their finds.

BT3 (Bill Thompson III), Jim McCormac, KatDoc and others, working on "warbler neck" at Magee.

Before our conference even started we were have more fun than should be legal, checking out the birds and enjoying the humor of two of Ohio's wittiest birders: Bill Thompson and Jim McCormac. If you can't bird with the big dogs, stay home on the porch! Thanks to these guys for their willingness to share a lifetime of incredible birding knowledge. Learning and fun go "binoculars in hand" when you are hanging out with the OOS crowd.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this event possible: especially the OOS volunteers- Kathy Mock, Judy and Hugh Rose, Marc Nolls, Julie Davis, Jackie Bain, Dana Bollin, Karen Menard, Jim Sloan, Susan Madura, Sheryl (can't spell my name right) Young, Jen Sauter and Peter King- we couldn't do it without you!

More fun, and more photos, of birds, botany and butterflies- after I unpack my bags!

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