Monday, March 28, 2011

Trees for Butterflies!

Oft loved, but seldom understood- the butterfly is a creature of highly refined tastes. ... ... ... .... The Hackberry butterfly, for example, only lays its eggs on... .. .... .
HACKBERRY trees! Go figure.

So, if you want more butterflies, plant more native trees.
I planted both hackberry and spicebush on my property this year to increase the odds of retaining a population of - hackberry and spicebush butterflies.

I ordered "bare rooted" whips through a mail order company in Michigan. If they take well, I will be forthcoming with the company's name. Meanwhile, when you plan to purchase plants- it is best to get them from a region as cold or colder than your home area. Don't be buying South Carolina plants, and then wondering why they failed to thrive in Ohio.

I used a spade to slice a vertical trough in which to place the roots. Don't plant trees too shallow or too deep. Figure out where the 'bulge" is just above the roots- and get that ground level.

The little ones are hard to see at this stage, so I mark them with a stake (makes it easier for the rabbits to find them!) ...

For the few minutes I invested today- I can look forward to many years of enjoying the berries and butterflies!


  1. Good luck with your new trees!!

  2. This is great..thank you for inspired me....Rebecca

  3. Always find your post a good learning experience.