Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There is a television commercial that features a Russian surrounded with a gilded home, beautiful courtesans and a miniature giraffe. The opening line is, "Opulence... I has it." . I find little of his surroundings to my desire. But there is a fellow in La Rue, Ohio, who is someone I envy, just a bit. ... ... Opulence- a Hoary Redpoll. .... ... ... Steve is an enthusiastic birder/photographer (see photo above) in a small Ohio town, who hit the jack-pot this winter. He has a Hoary Redpoll visiting his feeder. It was a bit of a poser at first, almost unbelievable that this rarity would pick this non-descript residential area to call home. After asking a few experts, Steve went straight to the top- Sibley himself, IDed this little fluff-ball with a crimson cap and a miniature bill. .. ... . Here is one of my sorry photos, documenting the bird visiting one of the two feeders in the yard. We will never know why it came here- or why now, but I have to believe it is good Karma. ...
Greg Miller, Steve Jones and the more of Hoary Redpoll fan club...

You see, Steve is thrilled to share "his bird" with fellow birders. He doesn't ask if you are with the right club, or if you live in the right section of the state. Steve won't even expect you to know the Latin name of the bird.

Here is guy willing to share his opulence. So... stop by and see the bird, and be sure to say hello to this young man who loves to share his beautiful photos and his mind-blowing find of a lifetime.

To see more of Steve's photos go here. To watch the Direct TV commercial- go here.


  1. Glad you got to see it! (PS. I want that mini-giraffe!)

  2. HA HA-
    Check with Tricia- she may already have one!