Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sky Candy

Just in from my friends in Florida, mouth-watering views of a Swallow-tail Kite.
Greg and Leslie were kayaking along the Indian River in Florida (without me!?) when this beauty put on an air show. This is the time of year Swallow-tail Kites return to their summering grounds.
According to Sibley they can over shoot that migration by a bit, and make extremely rare appearances in northern states. Most records I find are in mid-April or in the fall. So look sharp for these fellows, and if anyone spots one- don't keep secrets!

Swallow-tail Kite........... photo by Greg Cornett

photo by Greg Cornett
Mmm, something good to eat! Probably a tasty cicada or grasshopper! These birds are also known to buzz small streams and swampy woods in search of lizards, dragonflies, and other large insects.

Oh, to see a dive like this! Sky candy! Someday I hope to see these magnificent birds myself, until then, special thanks to Greg (and Leslie) for sharing these photos.
All photos in today's post provided by Greg Cornett.

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