Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Grass is Greener...

The grass is greener, under a Ross's goose. ... Yup, no botany here. This is one of those "fliers" blogs. L ...LL... ... And I should be ashamed, as much as I talk down non-native grasses, but I was plenty happy to see the wildlife this lawn at Old Reid Park was supporting. This Ross's Goose has been camped out in Springfield for the last week or ten days, putting on a marvelous show. .......... ... Ross's Goose migrate with the larger and more common Canada Geese or the intermediate sized Snow Geese. This bird was obviously smaller than the geese it accompanied, and sported a more diminutive bill. However, some have suggested it may be a hybrid with Snow Goose. Either way, it was most enjoyable to see this bird casually feeding in this Springfield, Ohio park. ... It's not often one gets to see a Ross's Goose in Ohio- and it gave me a better appreciation for the non-native grass beneath it.

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