Monday, March 21, 2011

A Taste of Spring

Botany starved people- gather round for a taste of our first blooms in 2011. A couple of productive days in Adams County will sate me for at least another week.

Can you name it? I sure couldn't.
But I was fascinated by the pink clouds of flowers on the Red (or Slippery) Elm, Ulmus rubra.

While leading our botany trip on Sunday, Dan Boone was kind enough to pull a branch down for closer inspection.. and a few photos taken by Andrew Gibson, Ned Keller, Tricia West (photo credit) and me.


Dare I call it anything more? Some say the two species were "lumped" into Hepatica nobilis. Other claim it is now an anemone. Indeed, we find that listed under the detailed information at USDA plants for Hepatica nobilis Schreb. var. acuta.

Hepatica- a welcome sign of spring, whatever the "confused" botanists call it.

Another Rainbow of Rock. This one too, is listed in Tim Snyder's book, but if you want to know more- you'll have to buy the book. They will be available during Flora-Quest.
Just saying....

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  1. Really like the scientific stuff you throw at us. Great job!