Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunrise at Meadowbrook

The last three mornings were spent communing with nature, and watching sunrise at Meadowbrook Marsh. The bird calls drift across the marsh as the sun gently gilds the distant treeline, creating an ambiance that only nature can provide. We took it in with hush and awed tones.

This is will be the benefactor of the Carbon Offset Birding Project.

Cheryl and Kelly Riccetti at the Carbon Offset booth

Special thanks to everyone who donated, and every one who helped man the booth.

There were be full reports soon, but now I must catch a ferry to Kelleys!


  1. One of my new favorite birding places in the world. I now owe seven of my life birds to this awesome oasis!

  2. It's a wonderful spot, and I'm looking forward to visiting it next spring! (Great photo of the lobelia!)