Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cream Gentian

One of the rarest plants in Ohio is blooming in profusion in Bexley. This neighborhood in Columbus is also home to sand dunes, rock alvars, and a mini prairie contained in a formal setting. It is all found at the Ohio Governor's Residence Heritage Gardens.
Cream Gentian, Gentiana alba
This plant is hard to find in the rest of Ohio. Previously, I have only seen them in bloom once, in Adams County.

This one was well well hidden beneath the over growth, which we had been called in to contain. It is no small trick sorting through these rare plants and know what to weed!

Here is the team of specialists, hard at work. Dick Moseley, Jan Kennedy and Guy Denny are on the right- trimming the bluegrass.

This garden is a peaceful place for man and beast alike. It is refreshing to have such cooperation regardless of political party. Hope Taft still works tirelessly to promote Ohio Natural Areas and this beautiful garden is the next closest thing to seeing these plants in the "wild." It is a regular botanical zoo!

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