Friday, September 9, 2011

Butterflies, finally!

This year has been less than stellar for the butterfly buffs, and the last couple of days were a wash out. When tasked with leading a trip for the Division of Wildlife's Diversity Partners, I thought our trip might be a total bust. It was raining a fine steady mist as we unloaded out of the van.

However, this Common Buckeye was not about to let a little water get in his way. In fact, he was puddling in it!

The sun started to peak through the clouds, and several Eastern Tailed-Blues magically appeared, as if from nowhere.

Meadow Fritillaries were the next to show; several dancing across the meadow.

The best of the the field work was this very fresh Variegated Fritillary. Bonus points for anyone who can name the botany that is was posing on! Hint: It is in the tomato (Solanum) family.

Just past the working barn at Malabar Farm, we herded this Checkered White Skipper toward an adoring crowd. The was the best find of the day, a butterfly-not rare- but certainly unusual.
The End.

And it was the end for this poor hapless Clouded Sulphur who strayed into a spider web.

This day at Malabar Farm produced some of the best butterflying we have had all year! Thanks to the great folks at DOW for this excellent event.

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  1. I used ti think a butterfly was a butterfly until I started following blogs like yours that show the different species if butterflies. Thanks for your great pictures.