Friday, September 2, 2011

Like Traveling?

Like traveling? So do I! But unfortunately it leaves me with a jumbo sized carbon footprint, and admittedly, a bit of guilt as an environmentalist.
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This is why I agreed to work the booth at the upcoming Midwest Birding Symposuim! If you are wondering about your carbon footprint, and would like a way to "offset" it, consider giving a donation to acquire more land at Meadowbrook Marsh.

Paying a few bucks for your carbon foot print might not save the world, but it is certainly a start. Conserving property at this marsh in Marblehead, Ohio is a worthy cause.

Plan a visit to Meadowbrook Marsh while you are at the symposium, and you will see just how special it is!

Now- download this form and complete it. You'll be helping in so many ways!

Got Carbon? Let MBS help you offset it.

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