Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome to the Ohio State Fair!

If you happen to be in Columbus at the Ohio State Fair, be certain to stop by the Natural Areas and Preserves booth in the middle of ODNR land.

 You find a lovely little patch of prairie there, and a fun quiz for the kiddos.  They can answer the questions by reading the signs on the native plants.

 The blooms are putting on quite a display, in spite of the intense heat. Four out of  five climatologists recommend "prairie plants!"

 The Ox-eye Sunflower,  Heliopsis helianthoides is putting on a nice show of yellow. The prairie garden has many labels to help you identify the plants. These native plants work well in landscapes, and generally require much less water and maintenance.

 A Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta  has a caterpillar adorning its crown.  Nature has a way of finding these plants, even in the middle of a city.

 Nearby, a new geological timeline display was dedicated.  This is an excellent opportunity to see how Ohio "rocks"- geologically speaking.
The historic buildings for vendors are a welcome sight at the Ohio State Fair.  It is a reminder our rich agricultural past, and hopefully it will be our future as well.  The Ohio State Fair has been important part of our farm culture for over 100 years.

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