Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something blue...

Another in the "shades of summer" series, today I am feeling blue.  But in a good way!

 What could be more spectacular than Tall Larkspur, Delphinium exaltatum against a backdrop of Purple Coneflower?   Although it is somewhat  rare to find in nature, this was easy to grow from seed and "plays" well with the other plants in my backyard.

 Blue Vervain, Verbena hastata  is a common plant of roadside ditches and meadows, but it is no less beguiling than many of those expensive nursery plants.  Feel free to enjoy it in your formal flower beds, I won't tell.

A personal favorite- ripe blueberries fresh picked from the yard.  Several types of blueberries are native to Ohio, however you'll find the high bush berries in bogs and the low-to-the-ground berries in acidic woodlands.  

Not totally "native," I admit to growing these jumbo hybrids at home. How else could I get these gigantic berries?

Last but not least- blue skies, and not the kind you see on a clear day.   Never-you-mind, these beautiful deep blue, storm laden clouds are a welcome sight in my neighborhood.

Let's hope for gentle rains; hold the winds please.  

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