Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the pink

Mid summer is an excellent time for vibrant displays of pink flora.  Here are a few favorites to remind you of the great native plants blooming out there.

One of the bee balms, or Oswego Tea, Monarda didyma  is a stunner in the landscape.  Not only is it a bee magnet, the hummingbirds and day flying moths go for it too.

 "Click"  perfect photo, too bad that hummingbird got away!  One of these days I'll get his picture too.

 The Swamp Rose Mallow is a native Hibiscus, commonly found in the wetlands along Lake Erie.

Queen of the Prairie, Filipendula rubra  a well-named blossom that stands out in grasslands. Put this on your list of prairie-must-haves.

I am sure they will be selling it at the Mid-west Native Plant ConferenceHope to see you there!

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