Friday, July 13, 2012


It is officially the mid-summer doldrums, where the heat, humidity and drought dominate the local's conversation.  Summer weather and politics, the two things we feel we suffer through- and can't do much about.

Morning Dew
 Yesterday morning I captured a "refreshing" photo of early morning dew on Purple Coneflower and grass.  Just looking at it makes me feel a little bit better, like there is something right with the world.  

It is the same feeling I get when I join my friends at Mid-West Native Plant Conference.  If you haven't signed up yet (beg them to let you come if it is past the date...) go here and download the registration.  It is the weekend of July 27-29 and I hope to see you there.  It is a refreshing time of sharing about native plants and the things right with the world.

Beautiful  Blues.  A Red Admiral, about to become crab spider food. 
And butterflies.  We love to look at butterflies. 

So join me for the Friday program on Home Sweet Habitat to learn more about inviting nature into your yard, and a walk (with Jim Davidson, no-less) to follow.   Jim and I will also be leading the Sunday trip to the Cemetery Prairies, and I hope you will join us to see Ohio's most historical landscapes: Native prairie.

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