Monday, July 30, 2012

Midwest Native Plant Conference- Success!

The committee for the Midwest Native Plant Conference might consider naming its next conference: "Who needs sleep? There is always something to do!"

Black-lighting for moths was an unexpected bonus at the plant conference.
This event goes over the top!  One can expect great speakers and educational displays, a cross section of vendors which includes native plants, seeds, pottery (Go Black Kat!), photography, art, books, educational displays, and more books!  This event keeps getting better and better.  It is a flora-phile's dream come true.  

 Tim Snyder says,"Ohio's Natural Areas and Preserves need you!"  Watch for volunteer opportunities in the near future.  Working in preserves is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Ohio plants.

Dr. David Brandenburg cleared
up our confusions on conifers.

Top-notch speakers:  David Brandenburg, David Wagner, Marielle Anzelone, Ian Adams, and Jim McCormac- just to name a few.

 It is hard to chose between all the afternoon speakers!

Field trips:  afternoon, evening , morning and more!  Gather out front folks, we are going again!

 Our Friday evening walk may well be the largest gathering of insect song listeners in the world.  With nearly 100, it was hard to even squeeze them in the photo.

Experts:  Rubbing elbows in the field with the likes of David Wagner is always a highlight.  Dave wrote the book on  caterpillars, but has an incredible knowledge of all form of insects.  He has a wonderful teaching style and freely shares info with the newbies and experts alike.

 CONEHEADS!   Yes, the coneheads attended our conference as well!  We were happy to be serenaded by all manner of insects.

Yvonne Cecil and Jim Davidson discuss the finer points of a butterfly.
People: These gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, Flora-Quest buddies, and a chance to connect with new interesting people from all walks of life.  If you have a brain, you may have made the connection between the needs of humans and the health of our environment.  It is good to know something about the flora and other inhabitants of this planet on which we live. We are all in this together, folks!

A special thanks to the committee for making this event happen each year, and a special thanks for allowing me to participate.  As long as you keep putting on these fabulous events, I'll look forward to being there!


  1. This was my first Midwest Native Plant conference. And I've already got my calendar posted for next years. It was not only highly educational given the caliber of the speakers, but I really enjoyed meeting so many nice people. Dr. Wagner signed the book I bought. When I told him I was from Northwest Ohio, he said I should have at least 1,000 species of caterpillars in our own backyard. This was an OUTSTANDING conference. And of course, the talk by the Weedpicker herself was great.

  2. Thank you NPN. Home Sweet Habitat was a topic very near and dear to my heart. Glad you enjoyed it.