Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Biggest Week at Shawnee

The  first week of May is a blissful torture for naturalists in Ohio.  The flowers are blooming and migration is full on.  We run ourselves ragged trying to see it all, and know if we die from exhaustion- it will be with a huge smile on our face.

Greg Miller was leading a Birding field trip for Flora-Quest and had plans to visit the southern most forest in Ohio, Shawnee State Forest.  So, why not offer a Flora-Quest/ BSBO/ Greg Miller ROAD Trip!   

Prairie Warbler, photo by WIkipedia
People  coming to Ohio to see warblers want to see them all!  

The Prairie Warbler rarely makes an appearance at Magee Marsh, but is easily found at Shawnee Forest and The Edge of Appalachia in Adams County.  Other species, such as Worm-eating Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush were sure-finds at Shawnee.  
The most difficulty  we had with this trip was getting the people out of the parking lot and into the vans!  There were so many great birds to be seen behind the Shawnee Lodge, we barely got the folks to leave.

Greg holds the door while the birders load.

Pinxter Flower, Rhododendron prinophyllum
The scenery in the forest was even better, and the birds?  Plentiful.

Picnic Point, Shawnee State Forest is a prime location for birding and lunch.

Welcome to the BSBO birding Greg Miler Road Trip at Flora-Quest!  Folks had a wonderful time.

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