Friday, August 12, 2011

Winged Jewel in Rough-cut

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the caterpillar department. The latest find was this handsome green specimen...a Promethea Moth caterpillar. He was found on a recently denuded spicebush, looks as though he had already eaten his fill.

It is important for these silk moth caterpillars to be well nourished, for once they are transformed to jewel of the night, they will not have any mouth parts. Silk moths' adult life consists of attracting mates and laying eggs. Their short, but beautiful adulthood will last but a week or two.

Several days later I refound the larva wrapped tight in a spicebush leaf, sealed off in a weather proof cocoon. Let's wish him well for winter. The next time it appears it will be in the springtime- as a woodland winged jewel.

Go here if you would like to see adult prometheas

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