Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ohio State Fair

One thousand seed packets and pencils given away, and it was a distinct pleasure to spend a day in the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves' booth at the Ohio State Fair.

DNAP- they are the ones who conserve some of the rarest plants and animals (including butterflies) in Ohio. Funding has been a major issue this year, and the Division was all but dissolved. Since there is no revenue stream - like hunting licenses or camping site fees- your donations are essential to the protection of these fabulous site. Many are the places consistently featured on this blog: Fowler Woods, Irwin Prairie, Sears Wood, Springville Marsh (to name a few.) So remember to CHECK OFF a donation on your state income tax, or purchase one of those cool purple coneflower and monarch license plates. Those funds go directly to DNAP.

The Natural Resources Park at the state fair has something for everyone! Fishing, kayaking, avian displays, camping info, a mini prairie, and of course my other favorite spot...

The Butterfly House! Packed full of native plants and a variety of butterflies for your viewing pleasure.

People were more than willing to endure the heat to get a gander at flutter-bys up close and personal. Don't forget your camera!

Be sure to put the Ohio State Fair on your list of things to do, and visit the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves for a nifty poster or package of prairie seeds. Support DNAP- and help protect and conserve some of Ohio's greatest natural resources!


  1. I applaud you and other people who work tirelessly to preserve native species and natural habitat. What a great idea to put an entry in your stat fair. I belong to a group( REd Deer River naturalists) and they work for the same goals but with less money and manpower. Check out our website. Keep up the good work and don't ever give up on the blog.

  2. Thanks Red- It took a whole lot of volunteers to run the booth this year- but it helps the public understand how important DNAP preserves are to Ohio.

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