Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Islands of the 1000 Islands

Are there really 1000 islands? There are several conflicting sources -somewhere between 1086 and 1870. It must depend who is counting. Either way it is well over one thousand.
An overview of the islands as seen from the tower on Hill Island.

One of the many islands owned by Parks Canada. Basically it is a boaters campground. Someday I hope to come back to explore some of these island first-hand.

One of the smaller islands- not much more than a large rock covered with cormorants... and cormorant crap. Would you count this as an "island?"

Sparrow Island- Another of the small islands owned by Parks Canada. I wonder if Capt. Jack Sparrow hides out here?

Heart Island is the home of the famous Boldt Castle. It has a fascinating history, of wealth and the all the excesses one man could hope to give to his wife. Go here to read more about this amazing place.

Enough for now- must get back to the shuffleboard courts and kite flying...

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