Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Winter Wonders

Let's continue that winter walk in Mohican's Hog Hollow-

Hepatica, Heptica noblis
Durable leaves, with attractive mottling, stand up to winter's weather and eventually take on a lovely shade of purple.  These used to be separated into sharp-lobed and rounded-lobed plants, but have been "lumped" in recent years.  No matter what you call them, the blooms of this harbinger of spring is always a favored ephemeral. But even rarer- leaves that hold up so beautifully against the frost.

 Chilly weather, the ice testifies.  Interesting formations gathered at the ripples and falls along the creek.
"Ice Doodles" called by some, I wondered if there is a more scientific term? 

 A closer look reveals misshapen icicles, a scientific puzzlement. What could create the "belling" where one would expect a terminal end?  Perhaps water temperatures mere inches away, super cooled (yet still liquid due to movement)  affected the freezing process?    Feel free to comment...

Crystal clear. Water.  Perhaps the most precious of all of our Mohican area resources. If you think you can't live with out gas and oil, just try living without fresh water for a while.

Dec 12, 2011  An all-time early 
     record for emerging Skunk Cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus?

Poking tips through the water, now ice. The earliest of all our spring botany, the Skunk Cabbage at Hog Hollow is getting a jump on the season.

Winter, just another season to botanize.

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