Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lessons from a CBC

The first place I head on a Christmas Bird Count- is for the water.  Sunrise, birds stir, and fresh water is their first business of the day.  Usually, I am waiting for them, beside this little stream. 

Fresh Water:  a guaranteed morning bird magnet.

 Only this year it wasn't so fresh.  Someone "forgot " their deer carcase under the bridge.  It looked like a scene from  "Dances With Wolves."  Unbelievable!  Who could be so thoughtless as to foul the water for everyone down stream?

The definition of a true friend: the guy who offers to help me get them out of the water and onto terra firma where crows and coyotes can get busy composting them.  And- yes.  We did it!  Somehow, in the life of an environmental activist- for once it feels good to see immediate results- something tangible for your sweat and struggles.

Next stop: Mansfield Lahm Airport and one of our resident Kestrels teed up in view of the radar tower.

 Lots of new road work being done out this way.  In fact, we have a new injection well scheduled to go in.  They will be transporting "fracking fluid" from Pennsylvania to be pumped under ground in Mansfield.  Gee, I wonder why PA doesn't want it.

Irony.  Clean Water- this is the neighbor of the injection well site.  Unfortunately, Mansfield water may not be so clean if chemicals seep into our fresh water supply.  But how will we ever know?  They are not obligated to put any tracers or marker in the sludge they pump underground. 

Maybe it is better to share our  water with those dead deer?   At least I can see them on the surface and know my water has been fouled.

Fresh water and injections wells, learn more about them in this amazing film clip The Divide on the GMAS Website.  Click on VIDEO.   It will give you a whole new perspective on the importance of our water.


  1. So sad.... usually CBC days are fun and joyous, not so much about what's wrong out there...

  2. I agree Ranger Anna-
    And the last post I did showed that fun side of the CBCs.
    Many of us in Mansfield are trying to raise awareness of the poisons slated to be pumped into our community. As a concerned naturalists, we cannot turn our heads and pretend it is business as usual. We are the headwaters for all of Ohio- and you are all downstream from us. To even chance poisoning our drinking water-is just unthinkable.
    But someone IS thinking it- because there is a profit to be made.

  3. Thanks for your post, Cheryl. You're telling it like it is.