Saturday, October 29, 2011


Compare all of fall's offerings, and it is doubtful you will find any plant more dynamic than the Eastern Wahoo. Foreign plant specimens and hybrid freaks have nothing on this lovey native Ohio plant. Breath-taking.

Eastern Wahoo, Euonymus atropurpureus. Hues of pink and purples contrast with green on the end-of-season leaves. What could offer more spectacular color?

And the fruits- stunning! This member of the Celastraceae (Staff-tree family) has all of the magnificent color of the non-native Euonymus (burning bush) with none of those nasty invasive habitats.
Closely related to the more southern "Hearts bustin' with love" or Euonymus americanus- all have colorful fruit which might remind you a bit of our native Bittersweet, another Celastrus.

Take that landscapers! Away with your Bradford pears and burning bush. Ohio has it own plants that surpass in beauty and fit nicely into a landscape.

Next time you are making an addition to your home's greenery- keep this plant in mind. And support your local Wild-Ones and our friends at Midwest Native Plant Society. I'll see you at the conference in July!

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  1. A appreciate this latest post! I had taken a photo of an Eastern Wahoo's fruit a few years back (@ Blue Heron Reserve in Sandusky County) and couldn't identify it. This helps me and also this is something I definitely will be looking to adding to my yard. You also helped me identify the Bittersweet that I have been seeing lately.