Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hiking the Hills

Just a few more shots from last week's hike to Hocking Hills. If you have not been, please set aside some time to visit this jewel of Ohio. It may well stand in comparison to the most beautiful areas out west. Yes, our rock formations are on a smaller scale here in Ohio, but we still have... Rock outcroppings and slump rocks.

Box canyons with gently trickling water, ancient hemlocks keeping watch.

Mountain Spleenwort, Asplenium montanum A delicate lace of green, the
mountain spleenwort is a rarity found growing out of the fractured rock face in the Hocking Hills.

Hoo doos? Who knew Ohio had 'em? These weather aged rocks show the results of millions of years of wind and water.

Some of the formations are, *utterly* unbelievable. That was bad, I know.

Color - iron seeped into the forming rock to create interesting color patterns of orange and reds. Much of the sandstone is also inter-mixed with conglomerate.

These formations were noted as being 330 million and 37 years old, according to Paul Knoop. After all, the formations were 330 million years when Paul moved in 37 years ago, and he has been keeping meticulous track ever since then.

Hocking Hills is one of Ohio's most traveled destinations, you might be amazed what it has to offer.


  1. Super rock formations! Had no idea Ohio had such Utterly awesome rocks.:)

  2. D'oh! If you didn't put the "That was bad, I know", I never would have gotten your utter reference!!! :)

  3. Ah, Dawn- I can't get anything past you!

    Vicky- when you start "getting" my jokes you'll know you are in real trouble!