Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Philadelphia, PA

It is a far cry from the back woods of Ohio, but here is my latest excursion... a trip to downtown Philadelphia.

My daughters and I took in the sights of the city, and yes, Philly is infested with the same Starbucks and Hardrock Cafe one can find in every other major city. We were more interested in the history and architecture.

A statue of William Penn - 27-tons of bronze- adorns the top of City Hall, and it is the tallest atop any building in the world. The building is but 10 blocks from the "Old City" where one finds the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Hall. And yes, it was hot here today... nearly 100 degrees!
As a huge fan of 1776... I just wanted to burst into song..."Sit down, John."

This courtyard of the capital building is being restored, but it still provided good looks at the beautiful French influenced architecture.

The best botany find in the city was this relief (releaf?) carving hidden in the marble walkways. A thistle and lizard, seemed odd, but it brought a smile to me, as I am totally nature-starved!

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  1. I know what you mean about being nature-starved in big cities. I just got back from Pittsburgh. In big cities just seeing planters with sweet potato vines provides some relief. That's pretty sad.