Monday, August 30, 2010

"I"- Candy

When a routine heron-head-count stop produced a couple of unusual southern visitors, it created quite a stir for Wayne Co. Fortunately several friends stopped by to see the birds and reassure me that I wasn't dreaming! These typically southern birds are occasional visitors north, with very few sightings of singles or small groups in Ohio each year. Some photos were taken to document the deal, but typically with these immature plegadis ibis, there just aren't enough field marks to sort them out.
But really, who cares?!
They were great looking birds and I enjoyed finding them and sharing them with friends. Here is a little eye-candy for my blogger friends. Hope you enjoy them too! (Photos provided by Dane Adams- thanks Dane!)

Ibis sp. photo by Dane Adams

Ibis sp. photo by Dane Adams

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