Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Botany Book

On a recent trip to Guy Denny's Prairie, I took this photo of an interesting marsh plant. This is not one I have seen out and about on my travels, and I needed to find out its common name and species.

Glade-Mallow, Napae dioica is known only from a relatively small portion of the midwest.

Guy's property has a variety of habitats and plants to intrigue any budding botanists curiosity. If you would like to see it first hand, join the Greater Mohican Audubon Society on Saturday July 24th. We will meet up at noon at the McDonald's at rt 95 and I-71 near Chesterville Ohio.

And the book I used to find the info on this unique plant? Brand new, hot off the presses: David Brandenburg's Field Guide to the Wildflowers of North America.
It is arranged by plant family, which I find very useful, but it also has a color key in the front- for those who prefer to find their plants that way. I am already enjoying the maps and information provided on an array of plants. This guide will also be useful during travel, as it covers the nation.
Hope to see you Saturday- when we can introduce you to the Glade-Mallow first hand.


  1. I just purchased the same book this weekend, straight from the author himself. I'm really excited about the fact that it is arranged by family, and can't wait to use it to identify some tricky orchid-like plants I photographed up in Michigan recently.

  2. Hi Ann- Did you notice the photo of Glade-Mallow has one flower with 5 petals and another with 6? How did I manage to photograph the one "off" one?

    And Heather- I have been enjoying scaning the book for plants I would like to see out west on our next trip. Hope you find your orchids!

  3. That sure sounds like a must-have book. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.