Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The heat of summer is here, and I have to admit the only communing with nature I did this weekend was in Lakeside. And while all the botany I enjoyed was of the horticultural variety, Lakeside's gardens are more beautiful than ever. If I can persuade one person to go to this magical place on Lake Erie where I go to get a fresh perspective when life gets me down- it was worth this post.

The view from the lawn at Hotel Lakeside- photo Randy Harner

While I did not pick up the camera all weekend, these photos were all taken by better half. Lakeside is the best place in the world to read a book, eat ice cream, stroll the dock, or for the adventure seekers- sail a Sunfish.

I learn the ropes and "crew" for Capt. Shelly, an excellent sailor who happens to be my daughter. We were very fortunate to have good winds, calm water and fair sailing.

Our nature fix: the water slapping the hull of the Sunfish as the wind stretches the sail. It looks as though we could reach out an touch the Perry's monument at Put-in-Bay but it is about 6 miles out from the Lakeside "L-dock". Not for everyone I suppose, this is the dirt-bike equivalent to land transportation. Plan on getting wet and leave your troubles on the shore.
Hope you all had a marvelous 4th of July as well!

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