Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Karma Kayak- the botany boat

Friends recently invited me along for a "float" down the Olentangy River- and here is a little photo expose of the grand adventure:

An Eastern Amberwing dragonfly perched on the front of my kayak- like an aquatic "hood ornament."

We commented on the waves of Lizard's-tail, Saururus cernuus growing along the river banks. A Bronze Copper butterfly was admiring it too.

We followed the butterfly until she found her host plant, Water Smartweed, Polygonum amphibium stretching out of the higher-than-normal waters. We watched as she crawled inside the plant to deposit her eggs.

"Good Karma" came by picking up trash floating along the way, Greg transports it in the bottom of his canoe to be disposed of properly on our return. I am not sure if it was the karma or the smell, but his canoe attracted the best insects. The photo shows a Snout butterfly riding the line just above the trash.

But the most excitement of the day occurred when this Flag-tailed Spinyleg dragonfly landed in the canoe- turns out to be a Marion County record. Can you say, "Photo op?"

Basking along the bank, a Map turtle. He had a yellow triangle behind his eyes, and an interesting paisley pattern on his neck.

And birding was good. Besides the calling Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Red-tails and numerous song birds, we enjoyed good looks at this male wood duck just going into fall plumage.
This hot weather is way easier to take in the good Karma kayaks!


  1. Looks like an amazing day! Thanks for the pics of some animals I have never heard of.

  2. ahh. So jealous of your photography skills AND your kayaking adventure. Really...really need to get out of the garden and just float down a lazy river somewhere. I am too old for anything exciting. LOL. I love your dragonfly pictures. We are so blessed with damsel and dragonfly habitat where we live. They cause me to pause every time I see them...even the common ones. Now I have to go check out your post on Sandhill Cranes. We have them too. Outdoor music.

  3. Thanks Millie and "Wild." It was just too much fun not to share- I enjoyed the new perspective on wildlife from mid-stream.

    Those Sandhill Cranes were a real treat, we are glad to have some so close to home!