Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Golden: a Golden Eagle at Killdeer Plains!

On a march trip to Killdeer Plains, waterfowl is the main event. The warming trends and a crack of open water at pond #27 is all it took to entertain the scope-happy folks from The Wilderness Center, Crawford County Parks, Firelands and Greater Mohican Audubon Societies during our March 6th joint trip to Killdeer.

Both Tundra and Trumpeter Swans were present, and a good number of early migrant ducks.

Thanks to our volunteers, several life-birds were seen on the pond and from the back roads of Killdeer Plains.Our group of seven regaled in some excellent looks at both Horned Larks and Lapland Longspurs on Washburn Rd.
After a little life-bird dancing, we headed west just in time to spot an eagle cruising in our direction. A bit of commentary about the unusual "tilt" of the wings brought our cars to a halt. It was time for a better look...

And look.. we did. And gawk...and stare. With jaw dropping views of a juvenile Golden Eagle circling our heads, I decided it was time to run for the camera. Pardon the poor shots, but after all... I am only a Weedpicker.

As it flew away, the white tail band and white "window panels" on the wings were easy enough to note, but still hard to believe. We were feeling blessed and rich indeed, as we had shared a golden moment.

And here is your blogger, sporting the new Ohio Wildlife Legacy stamp in a handy clip on tag. I was proud to be wearing it when that Golden Eagle added me to his "life-birder" list! I hope you'll buy one too, and support Ohio's wildlife areas and the biodiversity found within.

Special thanks to Brad Phillips, Mary Warren and Su Snyder for helping to compile the day's list, and to everyone who attended our event at Killdeer Plains.


  1. WOW. I am so glad you went for you camera. That is really cool and you are lucky!

  2. That's awesome! Also, I like your idea of putting the the legacy stamp in a clip on tag. I just might have to steal that little trick from you!

  3. Hi Squirrel-
    I have seen Goldens before at the Wilds, but I have always been to flabbergasted to get a photo!

    Heather- I used a plastic laminate luggage tag. Works great! Cheryl