Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome as the rain...

Of all the wonders in our world, what could be more amazing than fresh water falling from the skies? Food and sun may be vital for a plant or animals survival, but consider hydration. How long can one survive without water? Unless you were born to be a cactus or a camel, it would be a short, painful life my friend.

And so I welcome the rain.
Spring manifested in liquid form; life giving, life sustaining.

My little friend, Kilroy - a Jefferson salamander, and I wish you happy Spring and blessed showers. You'll find me at the vernal pools, admiring early life forms, while awaiting the trilliums and warblers. Spring is finally on its way.


  1. So, maybe I'll grow if I stand out in the rain...probably not wiser though...

  2. Oh Loopy, I have often wondered if you would know to come in when it was raining.

    I know I don't, 'cause its the best salamander time!