Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pintails, Destined for Doom?

So global warming is real. The science backs it up, and even if my brother and GW Bush still remain unconvinced.. the scientific community knows it is as basic as: a lifestyle of fast food and smoking equals heart failure. They have measured our actions, and it is not looking so good. It is time to face our habits of self-destruction.

Audubon National is all about it. Some say their reports sensationalize and use some questionable data to justify their views. That maybe, but birds are in decline. Fact.

And if the decline of Northern Pintails is due to global warming, or if it is due to habitat loss of the western prairie pothole region created by increased farming for ethanol, does it make a difference? I don't want to imagine a world without a sky-full of pintails.

.......................photo by Dane Adams (click to enlarge)

The view that makes my heart beat faster.
It is time to consider our actions. No one person can do it all... but each of us could do a little. And if you are interested in the birds most at stake- according to National Audubon, Northern Pintails are rated #3 with a 77% decline. Click right here for the complete listing.

...............................photo Dane Adams
...Yes... yes, we are standing on ice, dear. But global warming is real.

I'm not really interested in forecasting gloom and doom, but let's think about our future- and how we can each be part of the solution.

Think globally- but act locally, starting in your own backyard.

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