Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shocking Pink Katydid

Here's the first of the "Pretty in Pink" Katydid photos that are about to surface on the blog circuits! Jan Kennedy found this unbelievable sight on one of our Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist programs at Killdeer Plains. Here is our guy in nature, before we scooped him up in my net to share with others, and he became the most photographed Katydid in Ohio History. I'll leave the full story to Jim McCormac, because no one spins a tale like Jim!

Pink color morph on a Round-wing Rattler Katydid- found at Killdeer Plains. The bright yellow botany? Birdfoot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus, a lovely non-native invader of wasteland and road edges.
Jim McCormac, taught the botany portion of the mini event, and here he describes the Michigan Lily, Lilium michiganense. Not only a great botanist, Jim does it all with birds, as the Division of Wildlife's Avian Educator and OOS president.

Gary Kennedy, displays a Blue Dasher dragonfly that became rather fond of Gary. With leaders the likes of Bob Glotzhober, Jim Davidson, Dave Horn, Bob Scott Placier, and Jim McCormac all the botany, butterflies, dragonflies and birds were well covered. Thanks to Rae Johnson and Jim for organizing this adventure!


  1. Cool! Even with the color blind thing, I could see that one!

  2. Thanks for collecting Pinky. I don't think anyone would have believed it without the specimen in hand. It would never have occurred to me to take her back to be seen by all.

  3. Pinky is doing fine, and eating native plants from the Harner ranch. This is a katydid that has earned her 15 minutes of fame!

  4. Excellent find! I am enjoying all the photos of this beautiful specimen!
    Thanks for saving it to share with all of us!