Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A-Z Flora at Cedar Bog

Zigadenus elegans, Wand-lily at Cedar Bog

The Midwest Native Plant Conference's field trips provided opportunities to botanize in some of Ohio's best fens and other natural areas. We viewed the gamut of flora at Cedar Bog-from the most common, Allium cernuum, the nodding onion (in the last post) to the exceedingly rare Zigadenus elegans, or Wand-lily.

Found in only a few counties in Ohio, this lime-loving Wand-lily is also called White Camus. The Native Americans were well aware of its poisonous properties- and thus another common name is Death Camus. These common names vary from state to state.

As a wise old botanist told me this weekend: While scientific names change from time to time, common names change from location to location.

No matter what you call it, Zigadenus elegans is an "elegant" member of the Lily family and we were thrilled to see them in full bloom... just don't eat it.


  1. Man, I was hungry! Must you rub it in?

  2. So how are you feeling Janet... Janet?

  3. That's the showy deathcamas in the Black Hills, and it is seen here and there. It's pretty but the name says it all.