Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ready for my photo...

We have a bit of a celebrity staying at our house, and hopefully all this attention has not gone to her head. She has even booked a tour, and plans to attend this week's Midwest Native Plant Conference in Dayton. Enjoying her 15 minutes of fame is all well and good, and she seems to enjoy living in a deluxe terrarium style habitat. At least it sure beats dodging hungry birds without aid of camouflage!

Several visitors arrived today, the Pinkster's good friend Jan Kennedy met up with Erin from the Columbus Dispatch. They are discussing the article about this famous bubblegum pink Katydid that captured everyone's attention.

Seriously, after the press and a few other experts get to examine and photograph her, she will be returned to the wilds where she belongs. However, this has been an incredible opportunity to spark folk's imagination, even the most jaded have to ponder... Why is this katydid pink? All sciences begin with a sense of wonder, and if a pink katydid can awake someone to the world of nature, then perhaps she deserves the celebrity status.
Pinky's virtual sunglasses were provided by Paula Harper.


  1. I'm looking at the pink katydid and thinking... Wow! I saw one this past weekend too! They must be spreading across Ohio. Then I read further and realized this is the same little gal I saw. She is the celebrity! I bet she needed those glasses to block all the camera flashes!

  2. So, where do you find sunglasses that small?

  3. A very small Panama Jack's outlet...?

  4. That is the coolest bug! Great find ..Its now very famous!

  5. With all this celebrity, I'm beginning to think they'll be some bragging rights in saying, "I knew her when."
    Looking forward to seeing you again this weekend, Cheryl.
    Do you have matching glasses?

  6. Wow, amazing! Ya learn something new every day...