Sunday, July 12, 2009

GMAS Picnic

Thanks to all the folks who took part in the Greater Mohican Audubon Society Picnic on Sunday. Everyone thought the food was exceptional this year!

Our program was on the fascinating topic of North America's largest swallow, the Purple Martin. These colonial nesters and their life history made for lively discussion, and we were treated to great looks at the Purple Martins still feeding young in the super-gourd housing at Pleasant Hill Marina.

GMAS member Don Plant talks to Jean Taddie in front of his Purple Martin display. From boxes, to food, to fledging young, Don is well versed on this topic. He told of the unfortunate loss of young during this year's late June cold snap, and predicts greatly reduced fledgling success for 2009.
Our Volunteer Extraordinaire- Mary Ellen Bolt and husband Mel enjoyed the picnic lunch, and while these two are total Eastern Bluebird fanatics, they admitted to enjoying this program as well. Mary Ellen is our membership Chairperson and always looking for new members! You can make her job easier and join GMAS today by e-mailing me to ask for a newsletter, the membership form is on the back.

Thanks again to Don and Diana Plant for all their work, and to everyone for the exceptionally yummy food!

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