Sunday, April 8, 2012

Charmed, I'm sure

No matter how many times I venture into Adams County, we always see something new.  This weekend the Eastern Fence Lizards were real crowd pleasers.

Eastern Fence Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus

Don't worry, we didn't hurt this little gal.  She is just resting comfortably in John Howard's hand. He used the old "alligator belly-rubbing"  trick to hypnotize it.  

Ned Keller had caught the critter and John volunteered to show us his "magic" with the little lady.  We didn't believe it until we saw it, but fact is- John has a way with the lizards.  
The males have a trick of their own in the springtime: a spectacular blue-belly.  All the better to impress the lady's with, I am sure.  No lizards or handlers were harmed in the photo sessions, oh, except  Nina.  This male did put a chomp down on her finger.  Unfortunately, I missed that shot. Not to worry, she was relatively unharmed as well.

Now who is Jim McCormac trying to charm?   
That's too small to be a lizard. My goodness, it is no biggger than a dime, whatever it is. 

It is Ohio's only green butterfly- a rarity for sure!  The Juniper Hairstreak butterfly was "puddling" for minerals and gave us an incredible show.  After an intense half-hour photo session, Jim decided we best move the little guy out of the road before we left. Occasionally butterflies will sit on your dampened finger; they are probably after body salt. Note his tiny proboscis in the photo, it is uncurled and taking up minerals.  Slurp.

No matter how many times we hit the trails in Adams and Scioto Counties, we always find something new.  People love to come to Flora-Quest year after year, because we always find something we have never seen before.  

This year the botany will be different than most, due to the unseasonably warm weather. Who knows what we will find!  Call or e-mail today to get one of the few places remaining in Flora-Quest 2012.

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