Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apple Blossoms at Secrest

Cherry blossoms in Washington were early this year, but don't despair if you missed the show.  We have the next best thing in Wooster, Ohio at Secrest Arboretum.

 Row upon row of crab apple trees were in peak bloom today- a spectacle to behold.  I arrived in the early morning to lead the Greater Mohican Audubon Society's  bird walk, and witnessed what was quite possibly the most beautiful location in all of Ohio.

 Red Barron- The names were all new to me, but this was easily a favorite.

 Snow Magic-  A gentle rain created a soft drift of petals beneath this tree.

 Pink Satin- A heavenly scent wafted across the lawn making the scene a scent-ual experience as well.

The rain became a steady mist, as I stood beneath a shelter of blossoms.  The perfume of flowers carried my mind back to my childhood and afternoons spent beneath our crab trees. 

Passing time, I watched the busiest bumble bee in the world.  He seem to have this entire flora-feast to himself.  He kept to his business and hid among the flowers, paying no mind to the gentle rain.

Drink this beauty in; savor every sip like a warming brandy.  
You'll want to park you car and walk the fields for the full effect.

Oh, and birds.  Yes, there were birds there as well.  This Northern Mockingbird ignited my enthusiasm with his white wing-flashes and boisterous song. Other birds pale in comparison as he paralleled our route through the main gardens. Who can think of other birds when this handsome fellow is vying for attention?

Secrest- worth the trip Wooster to see for yourself.

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