Saturday, April 7, 2012

Butterflies at Picnic Point

The earliest of butterflies in southern Ohio includes the charismatic Falcate Orangetip,  
wicked fast and no bigger than a nickle. One has to exercise patience to get a good photo of this wee beastie.  Its larval host plants are the early season mustards.

The view from Picnic Point in Shawnee State Park is stellar, and you might want to rest a bit after chasing all those tiny butterflies. From this vista we can see all the way to the Ohio River.

Another wee bit, the Gemmed Satyr.  Hardly the size of a quarter, but encrusted with "jewels".  The dusky colored flier is worth that second look, especially if you use your binoculars or macro camera lens.  Another early season favorite; larval host is Bermuda grass.

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