Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little birdie told me...

Spring may seem a long way away, but I assure you it will be here in no time. Nature lovers and bird watchers everywhere will soon be celebrating the annual migration of the most spectacular display of miniature rainbows- the neo-tropical warblers.

 Canada Warbler-  photo by Dave Lewis

Winging across the continent on northward flights to their breeding grounds, these tiny birds can catch the imagination of  the winter-worn environmentalist and even the most jaded industrialist alike.   The story is as old as time, and many of us hope to spread the story through tourism and educational programs.  Ohio has a wealth of natural areas, birds, trees, flowers and insects that need our attention and protection.

The future world would be a better place if we started to cater to the needs of these species, as many are bioindicators.  When life here on earth is no longer suitable for them, it will not be long until it will not be suitable for humans either.

 Blackburnian Warbler- photo by Dave Lewis.

To get the complete spring experience, one will want to start in Shawnee Forest in southern Ohio  in late April /early May.  Flora-Quest makes it easy for you- our experts guides will take you right to the plants, butterflies and birds you are longing to see. 

Greg Miller will be leading our birding trip, and also a Birding Road Trip for the Biggest Week in American Birding.  If you want to do a full-sweep of warblers in Ohio, you'll want to start with us in Adams and Scioto Counties.

Registration is now open for Flora-Quest and will soon be open for Biggest Week in American Birding.

>Be certain to visit Dave Lewis at Birds from Behind blog and you'll see Ohio's birds from a whole new perspective.

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