Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cuddlin' in Cleveland

Our North Coast- Cleveland, Ohio- has been rocking the news all across the state with the new opening of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.  Today my daughter sent a photo of a couple of baby gators cuddlin' under the heat lamp.  I intend to see them in person later in this week.  That will make me feel a bit better about missing the Space Coast Birding Festival this year!  Hey Florida friends- we got gators too!

Brr, it is cold in Cleveland! 

These cuddle bums are still babies, about 3 months old. American Alligators, commonly called gators, grow
about a foot a year. Gators max out around 16 ft, but are usually less than 10 feet.  If you get close enough, and take a good looky at their smile you can tell these are gators, not crocodiles.  Gators have a more rounded snout and their teeth fit nicely in the mouth. Crocs have gnarly teeth hanging out all over the place. Florida is the only place you can find both, although alligators prefer brackish water.

A big shout out to my daughter, JJ, for the photo from the new aquarium and congratulation to her for landing a job as a biologist/aquarist back home in Ohio.  It is nice to have her back after stints in Miami and Philadelphia.  I am looking forward to the full tour at her new job.  More photos to come!

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