Friday, February 3, 2012

Things with Teeth

If you were hoping for a post on carnivorous plant, please forgive.  This is an unusual post for a plant, butterfly and bird blog, as my normal subjects do not have teeth. But a trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium has provided a opportunity for some underwater adventures.  Here are a few shots I snapped with my cell phone.

The bonnet head sharks being fed was way more exciting than anticipated!  Shark feeds are a reoccurring theme in my life, since daughter JJ is an biologist/aquarist with a special interest in sharks.  At this particular tank, she climbs up a ladder in the back room to plunge a herring-on-a-pole or some other tasty morsel  down into the tank.  Circling sharks are each fed and noted, and the important goal  is to feed  each and every one of the sharks.  It not so good having a hungry shark left in the tank.  That is when other species begin to disappear at night- if you get my drift.  (That's a little ocean talk...)  This is all a regular day at work for her.

But the sharks in this tank are pussy cats compared to a couple of foul tempered moray eels.  At the first sign of a person at the top of the tank- they head straight up to the surface- with teeth a flashing in a frenzy!  Yikes- this was more than I bargained for! She is trying to teach them to pole-feed at the bottom of the tank, where they will not be so dangerous for divers.  Currently, these two go for anything thrown into the tank,devouring food offerings and attacking the poles as well.  One even took a nip out of the shark when it was trying to feed!  Now that is mean.  But, he has met his match...

in JJ!  She also has teeth- although she does not  use them                                   on sharks or most forms of seafood.  But don't tell the eels.  They still think she is top-predator.

And those alligators she sent a photo of... she forgot to mention they are under a foot long- and so stinkin' cute one might be tempted to kiss them. Probably not a good idea.  

But you'll want to see them and many more of the exhibits at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium!  

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