Friday, February 17, 2012

Rice is Nice

A whirlwind trip to Washington DC and other parts east has provided some new insights for this blog.  Paul Baicich of Great Birding Projects invited me to join him at a reception for California Rice's meet and greet with growers, environmental types and other notables from DC.  This may be the first time being from Ohio felt nearly- exotic.  ie: "You are from Ohio?  How did you get to DC?"  

But the important news is the great work being done.  Rice is bird friendly.  Looky at their logo- they can't help themselves for bragging! 

And after spending an evening sharing stories about great birds and fabulous wetland habitat, we were all in agreement.  Birds really like rice fields.  And those soggy fields are filled with ducks and geese,  as well as an array of other species making a living of the insects that live in wetlands.   We were regaled with tales of a Tufted Duck and a leucistic (white) Burrowing Owl- both found on rice farms.  Go here for more info.

California Rice is white rice.  That big fluffy stuff from Japan that is exclusively used in the rolling of sushi.  We had an colorful assortment of sushi for our gastronomic delight; being the botany type, I insisted on a "vegan" roll.  Besides, that will also keep me from being chastised by my daughter the aquatic biologist.  

 Shall I mention that sushi also pairs well with California wines?  Seems to me California should be elevated to the top of my "Places to Bird" list!

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