Thursday, May 5, 2011

Watering Rocks

A good number of us spent Wednesday in Columbus at the Ohio Environmental Council's Lobby Day. We met with our Senators and State Representatives to encourage them to stand against "Fracking" - especially in our State Parks, Wildlife Areas and Natural Areas and Preserves.

No one reads this blog to hear about politics, but if we regular folks don't stand up and say "whoa" we soon may not have neat places like Shawnee Forest and Magee Marsh to go get our orchid and warbler "fix."

Watering Rocks...

One fellow environmentalist said his wife chastises him, saying that our efforts are as futile as "watering rocks."

That may be, but I believe that little by little the reasonable man speaking the truth, can make a difference.

After all... look how water eventually wore away the rock in several of our western states: behold the Grand Canyon.

So, please call your state Rep. and Senator, and tell them you value our State Parks for the natural resources we can see, smell and hear.

Ohio's parks make up only 1% of Ohio's landmass. Let's do our drilling, cutting and mining elsewhere, and preserve these areas, as intended, for our children.


  1. Thank you for this post Cheryl. I couldn't agree with you more. This is such an important issue. Our state parks and state lands have not faced a more serious assault since they were acquired. We must work together on this issue to achieve a moratorium on deep shale gas drilling and horizontal hydraulic fracturing ASAP.

  2. Keep up the good fight on fracing. Our province has been fraced over and over again. We really don't know what is happening and what will happen in the future. There are many complaints about ground water contamination but the companies have 1000 reasons as to why water contamination doesn't result from their operations.

  3. Thanks guys- This really is important! Please consider calling- an e mail is nice, but a call really gets their attention. Thanks!