Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magee Madness

There is no place like Magee Marsh for seeing warblers up-close and personal. It is certainly no wonder that birders "flock" here. On a good day- which is usually a bad weather day- the warblers often hang low and flit about within arm's reach. It is mind numbing.

This gorgeous Black-throated Green couldn't help but pose for me. I am no photographer, but I have stunning photos of many species from this little woodlot on the shore of Lake Erie. Even I can get lucky at Magee.

And Magee isn't the only place in town. The Biggest Week event provides trips, vendors, travel programs and other great speakers- to fill out the rest of your waking hours. In fact, there is so much to do- some of us are starting to look like the walking dead- birding zombies.

But don't be afraid! Birders are the nicest people-and I promise- they won't bite. Rarely will you find a group so willing to share their good fortune and help others find any elusive birds playing hide-and-seek. Black-billed Cuckoo- over there! Orange-crowned Warbler, on that log!

The boardwalk at Magee is like taking a course in birding. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you will be amazed at the tidbits of birding knowledge you can attain. And some days, it is a regular Who's Who of birding dignitaries.

Tricolor Heron photo by Sherrie Duris

But don't be afraid to venture beyond the boardwalk. Sherrie Duris found this lovely Tricolored Heron at nearby Metzger Marsh, another Division of Wildlife property. Rather than keeping secrets, most birders are happy to share their good fortunes and great finds. After all, joy is doubled when you share these gifts with friends. This bird was so beautiful, I just had to call a few friends, as it would be a shame to miss a bird with this much grace and beauty.

So if you are coming up to Magee- I hope I run into you! And while you are there, check out many of the other amazing sights in the area as well. The Lakeside Daisy should be in bloom too.

I'll check that out when we come back from Kelleys.

Good birding, friends!


  1. Birders are Awesome! And Magee Marsh is out of this world! So nice to finally meet you Weedpicker Cheryl!!!!

  2. Boy this Magee Marsh looks and sounds like heaven! Sweet Little blue heron. Really enjoyed your post.