Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shawnee Forest Foray

Shawneee State Forest near Friendship, Ohio is one of our state's most scenic treasures, filled with unusual botany, winding forest roads and drop-dead overlooks. The bluff from Picnic Point overlooks the river valley below which stretches all the way to Portsmouth.

Our State Heritage Botanist, Rick Gardner led a formidable foray into Shawnee on Wednesday. With his personal paparazzi to shoot photos and write down every scientific name, we scoured the earth for rare finds and hung on the master's every word. This elite corps of botanical bloodhounds document new finds and re-confirm the best of older discoveries. Setting all time records, this crew of 21 was made up of local experts and thrill seekers from across our state. Thanks to Tom, Melissa, Ray, Dave, Jenny, John, Kasmira, Janet, Nina and many others, for sharing the day.
All kidding aside, our Ohio State Parks and the people who protect, preserve and monitor them do an amazing job- and deserve all the praise and support we can give them. Remember to buy a Wildlife license plate or do a tax check-off to support Ohio's biodiversity.

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